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MagArray Inc. has identified several disease targets after completing a market research analysis: cancer, autoimmune and cardiovascular diseases. Based on a review of market potential and the competitive landscape coupled with the key strengths of the MagArray system, the company has concluded that cancer is the preferred area for MagArray Inc.'s first product. The enormous need in cancer diagnostics coupled with the following revenue figures support our decision to focus our first MagArray assay in the area of cancer:

  1. Worldwide immunodiagnostic tumor marker market in 2005: $539 million with a CAGR (2006 -2011) of 6.5%
  2. Worldwide molecular diagnostic market in 2005: $105 million with a CAGR (2006-2011) of 29.6% and an estimated revenue in 2011 of $690 million

This double digit growth is being fueled by new platform and software technologies coupled with the explosive increase in biomarker research to discover content to be used by the platforms.