Partnering with MagArray 

Partnership is critical, and highly valued at MagArray. One of our key goals as a company is to work with organizations that need a platform for their diagnostic products and/or require a state of the art lab to offer their product(s).

Do you have a biomarker that could benefit from a highly sensitive multiplexed detection solution? Do you need a state of the art lab to offer your product? Are you currently using a technology that might be made more accurate and reproducible? Do you need to reduce the assay background signals or improve sensitivity? Whether the diagnostic assay in question is new or existing, we can help elevate its performance. And our cutting edge lab is available for running your test on the MagArray platform. Use our facility to offer biomarkers that are otherwise difficult to work with and enjoy the benefits of sensitivity and robustness that other technologies can’t provide.

We are also prepared to develop and build custom instruments as needed.

We are always looking for new applications for our technology. Talk with us about how we might help you.

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