IMRA America, Inc. (IMRA) and MagArray, Inc. have announced the establishment of a corporate partnership to further the development of MagArray’s novel magneto-nanoparticle immunoassay technology that is based on research outcome from Stanford University. Through this collaboration, IMRA and MagArray agreed to jointly develop highly sensitive immunoassay sensor systems. If the joint development progresses as planned now, IMRA will support MagArray’s development with funding of up to $10 million over the next 3.5 years. IMRA will also provide key scientific and technical support including system development and nano material technologies.

Mr. Takashi Omitsu, IMRA America’s President, said, “IMRA is excited to partner with MagArray. We see great potential for MagArray’s innovative technology to make a major impact in the diagnostics industry and to eventually play a leading role in the way that cancer and other serious diseases are diagnosed and treated. We have been leaders in ultra-fast fiber laser research, but now we are expanding into application research, especially laser-made nanoparticles, as well. I believe that our collaboration with MagArray will accelerate IMRA’s application research. ” Mr. Luis Carbonell, CEO of MagArray, commented that: “MagArray’s ultimate goal is to enable better patient outcomes through better diagnostics, and IMRA is the perfect partner at the perfect time to help us accelerate our efforts towards achieving that goal. IMRA brings a wealth of life sciences and technology development expertise that complements our core technology as we build a solid foundation for our commercialization efforts.”

About IMRA America, Inc.: Founded in 1990, IMRA America, Inc., headquartered in Ann Arbor, Mich., is a global-acting company dedicated to being the leader in the development of innovative technologies for commercial applications. IMRA is a worldwide leader in the field of ultra-fast fiber lasers with over 150 U.S. patents and patent applications and many more internationally. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aisin Seiki, a global Fortune 500 company, IMRA seeks to identify and develop nascent technologies that have the potential to grow into dominant positions in their targeted markets.

About MagArray, Inc.: Founded by professors from Stanford University and located in Sunnyvale, CA, MagArray has developed a simple, ultra-sensitive, and multiplex system for use in medical diagnostics. Derived from magnetic technologies used in the computer disk drive industry, the MagArray system features many unique advantages over the current industry-leading technologies. MagArray has received past support from the National Cancer Institute’s SBIR program as well as from private investors.