MILPITAS, CA. August 1, 2018 – On this World Lung Cancer Day, MagArray, the leading developer of advanced medical diagnostics using magnetic nanosensor technology, announced the US market launch of REVEAL Lung Nodule Characterization , a novel blood test to assess the risk of lung cancer in current smokers.

“MagArray’s proprietary technology has significant potential to address a large area of unmet need in the risk assessment of lung cancer,” said Luis Carbonell, CEO of MagArray. “We are proud to offer REVEAL Lung Nodule Characterization as an application of our technology to aid clinicians in their assessment of indeterminate lung nodules in current smokers.”

MagArray develops and commercializes magnetic nanosensor technology that was developed under the direction of Shan X. Wang, PhD, co-founder of MagArray and a professor at Stanford University. Dr. Wang commented, “There are a number of challenges clinicians face when effectively and efficiently diagnosing lung cancer. Our research team is honored to make our technology available to clinicians to potentially impact diagnosis and treatment in a meaningful way.”

In current lung cancer risk assessment protocols, it is quite common to have lung nodules detected through a CT scan for which the clinician has the difficult task of distinguishing between benign and malignant nodules. The American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) guidelines for lung nodule management states that it is “nevertheless important to estimate the clinical probability of malignancy before ordering imaging tests or invasive biopsy procedures.” REVEAL Lung Nodule Characterization is designed to help pulmonologists in the challenging task of identifying lung nodules that have a high probability of being benign and therefore REVEAL Lung Nodule Characterization may result in avoiding costly and invasive procedures.

The MagArray CLIA-certified laboratory is prepared to process REVEAL Lung Nodule Characterization test requests from clinicians and reference laboratories. Clinicians and patients interested in gaining access to REVEAL Lung Nodule Characterization should call 404-308-4682, email or request information from the company’s website at

About MagArray, Inc.: Founded by a team of professors from Stanford University and located in Milpitas, CA, MagArray has developed a simple, ultra-sensitive, and multiplex system for use in medical diagnostics. Derived from magnetic technologies used in the computer disk drive industry, the MagArray system features many unique advantages over the current industry-leading technologies. MagArray has received past support from the National Cancer Institute’s SBIR program as well as from private investors.