MagArray Reveal lung

REVEAL is a cancer-specific blood test that may aid clinicians in characterizing indeterminate pulmonary nodules (4-30mm) in current smokers aged 25-85.

This simple blood test measures unique biological markers known to be associated with the presence of lung cancer.   

REVEAL represents new, non-invasive technology to aid clinicians with the evaluation of indeterminate pulmonary nodules (4mm-30mm) in current smokers aged 25-85.

The REVEAL Score

Test results are called a REVEAL Score and are presented on a scale from 0 to 100 with a single cut point at 50. The REVEAL Score is calculated using an algorithm based on the measurement of 3 clinical factors and 3 blood proteins associated with the presence of lung cancer.

REVEAL results combined with other clinical risk factors may aid in the decision to perform a biopsy, or to consider routine monitoring, by providing cancer-specific, clinical insight into a patient’s risk.

REVEAL is a risk assessment tool, that is to be used only in conjunction with standard clinical assessments. The test is not intended as a screening or stand-alone diagnostic assay.

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Hypothetical Patient Case

  • Healthy 56-year-old current smoker
  • Patient has a 16mm, smooth-bordered, non-calcified nodule in the right upper lobe
Magarray Reveal Case Study